General Show Rules

Administrative Rules

1. Entries shall be made as per the announced system and procedure and by the time indicated in the Show Schedule.

2. Entry fees shall be payabe minimum 48 hours prior to the benching time along with entry form, or as prescribed in the announcement.

3. All entry fees shall be paid irrespective of whether the entry is benched. Exhibitors failing to pay for any entries shall have all entries refused and shall be liable to disqualification.

4. The Show Committee can refuse any entry without giving any reason as per given direction by the Organization.

5. Disputes arising from Rule 4 shall be heard by the Management of the organization and their decision shall be final.

6. Regrouping of exhibits shall be at the discretion of the Show Committee.

7. All exhibits shall be the bona fide property of the Exhibitor on the date of entry. Borrowing for the purpose of showing or sales for limited periods will render both parties liable to disqualification.

8. As the Shows will be organized as per Ring Policy, Panchi Member only shows will have to have "BBE" (Bred by exhibitor) with PV official rings.

9. Partnership of any kind will not be allowed in any of Panchi Virsa Shows for any type of birds.

10. Entries shall not be accepted from any person who has known reputation of working against fancy

11. Panchi Virsa is purely non political organization and we do not have any space for "known politicians".