About Panchi Mela

The story begins when I visited a Bird Show organized by one of the birdie society in Pakistan on 23rd of March 2005 at Race Course Park, Lahore. I visited this show on request of Mr. Ghalib Al Nasser (Secretary World Budgerigar Organization) to see if there is any future of Show Quality budgies here. After spending the whole day there, my honest feedback for the birdie society's management was not much positive and pleasing because as per my observation, the whole format of the show was not much supportive but discouraging for the fancy and fanciers.

My feedback triggered the interest of relevant circles and we had Budgerigar Society of Pakistan registered with the Pakistani Govt. & World Budgerigar Organization (WBO) on January 1, 2006. The team delivered remarkable shows four shows. The best thing is that Grand Bird Show™© 2009 is still the biggest birdie event of Pakistan and no organization or individual could meet that quality show till end of November 2013.

Here in "Panchi Virsa" we are committed to deliver same quality shows as we are reputed for, i..e.

1. None of the Organizers, including Chief Organizer will be allowed to enter in the judging area, only the designated non disputed personalities will be appointed to handle this area.

2. We will not allow any person to manipulate ring policy, and it will support the common fanciers.

3. Organizers will not burden fanciers by forcing them high membership fee, and will issue rings to Panchi Members without charging forced annual subscription fee.

4. We will support local breeders by implementing proper Ring Policy, and in general will support BBE (Bred By Exhibitor) birds on show bench.

5. We will support all type of birds in general; anyone who want to promote their type of birds is welcome to approach us for detail discussion.

6. The team is committed to gradually support all types of Show Quality birds which include Zebra Finches, Lovebirds, Cockatiel, Fancy Pigeons, Fancy Poultry etc. under laws prescribed and followed by international.

Any individual or organization is welcome to contribute by giving sponsorship; the terms of sponsorship will be agreed & complied.
We need all of your support, help, prayers and contributions.

Naveed Ijaz
Country Representative for BRASEA
Founder Member: Panchi Virsa
Founder Secretary: Budgerigar Society of Pakistan
Silver Medal from DSV in respect of services for fancy (DSV is 50 years old German Society)